sharon discorfano

A graduate of Rice University, I have an M.A. in Literature from Georgetown and an M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from New York University, with my initial post-baccalaureate work in Psychology at Columbia University. In May 2012, I received my J.D. from the James E. Rogers College of Law at University of Arizona, with a personal focus on Animal Law issues.

As a law student, I founded the University of Arizona’s Animal Legal Defense Fund chapter, served as its Co-Director, and led a team of students working with faculty to have an Animal Law class added to the course offerings. Academic papers include: Companion Animals’ Inclusion in Domestic Violence Protection Orders; Prosecuting Animal Hoarders; Constitutional Concerns About the Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act; Globalization, Culture, and the Illegal Rhino Horn Trade; and Chimpanzees: Before, During, and After Experimental Use (substantial paper).

I am currently a licensed attorney in New York, and a member of the NYC Bar Association’s Committee on Animal Law. I am still active within academic circles, now frequently taking on the role of guest-speaker. Recent audiences include the New York chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, on laws regarding companion animals, and students and faculty at Pratt Institute and Columbia University, on farmed animals law and policy.

In recent years, I’ve worked with many of the major animal welfare/rights organizations — ASPCA, Animal Welfare Institute, The Humane Society of the United States, Compassion Over Killing, and Mercy for Animals — in various capacities, ranging from legal/legislative to public and corporate outreach. (Note: posts on this site are solely mine and are not intended as representative of these organizations.)

Articles I’ve written have appeared in numerous publications, including The Center for Creative Leadership’s Leadership in ActionThe Wilson Quarterly, Arizona Yoga (Managing Editor, 2005-08), and an article for Animal Wellness magazine on practicing yoga with a companion animal. I also was a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Sage, 2006). More recent publications: Veg News (March/April 2013), articles for the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Hills Of Africa Travel web sites, and a four-part blog series for the ASPCA Parents site. Letters to Pushkin, a collection of letters I wrote to my beagle Pushkin after his passing, is  available on Amazon, in print and Kindle versions. My second book, Stellar Vegan Salads, is now available on Amazon and also for the iPad.

I live in New York City with my husband and our dog, Galileo.